Information and links

Here is a link to the Association for Metal Detecting Sport (AMDS) click HERE

If you are new to the hobby you will find a lot of information in the two monthly magazines dedicated to metal detecting: the Searcher and Treasure Hunting. You can also now find out more information by visiting

Here is a link to an interesting web site named the Megalithic Portal (Free to register)

The Know Your Place website is up and running for Bristol, Wiltshire, South Glos. BANES, and imminently N. Somerset. By opening the site you can select various maps and then overlay them to see the changes over time.

i.e, tithe maps overlaid by the 1st Issue of OS. You will find points of interest already imbedded. Such as historical postcards etc. You can zoom in to pick up individual houses if loaded. The idea is that this facility is available for anyone to add to. Groups or individuals can put on a few facts or photos and then direct viewers to a hyperlink for more information.


If you wish to understand how and why ARMD was created, you do need to

go to the FACTS web site, click the button below.